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terms of service

The Terms of Use is a document that collects legal terms set by the owner of the website. It specifies the terms that govern the conduct of site visitors on the site and the relationship between site visitors and site owners.


Terms must be defined according to the nature and needs of the website. For example, a website that provides customers with products that require e-commerce payments and a website that only provides information will have different terms and conditions.


The terms also protect website owners from possible legal risks.

In general, the terms of use should include the following:

  1. Conditions required to create an account (if applicable)

  2. Key commercial terms for customers

  3. Payment method (credit/debit card, PayPal, offline payment, etc.)

  4. Retention of the right to change the provision of services and products

  5. Warranty and liability for services and products


  7. Right to Suspend/Cancel Membership Account

  8. Identification

  9. Limitation of liability

  10. Right to Change/Modify Terms

  11. Priority of Law and Dispute Resolution

  12. Contact Information

Learn more about how to create a Terms of Servicehereplease look at.



The descriptions and information provided herein are for general descriptions, information and samples only. It is also not legal advice or a recommendation for practical measures. We recommend that you seek professional legal advice to better understand and assist you in drafting your Terms of Use.























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